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Accept Training!

Step FIVE!

If you missed any of the previous four steps, go over them again (links on the left!). 'Nuff said about that!

No doctor, lawyer, carpenter, accountant, hotel manager, or professional of any kind can get knowledgeable about their business WITHOUT TRAINING!

And no one can become a Professional, great, or even good Network Marketer without training as well. It's a fact! Face it - you are NEVER going to get good at Network Marketing unless you accept the need for training. And it is training unique to this industry!

Did you ask yourself in Step Four:

Is Network Marketing the right vehicle to take me where I need to go in order to become the person I want to be and progress along the path that leads me to my Purpose?"

If you are SURE you want to BE a Network Marketer, THIS is where you have to 'walk the plank' and learn to swim with the sharks!

You may know already that my favorite trainer (NOT a guru!) is Mark Januszewski - or, as everyone calls him, Mark J. Maybe you have heard him referred to by his other title, the World's Laziest Networker.

Anyway, Mark failed 5 times in Network Marketing and was about to fail again when he learned a few simple skills that turned his life around. He did extremely well the next few years and now he dedicates his time and talent to train others on the simple skills he learned.

Here on the Super6Power Team, we are going to use Mark J's training to become successful in Jerky Direct!

Be warned: Mark and his wife, Davene, teach something entirely different than others do. It's more authentic, more powerful than almost anything else you have learned about MLM or Direct Sales or even Sales in general!

And it's pretty darn simple, too! As Mark says, it's all in what we say and do!

Let's talk on Tuesday evening's POWER Call/Webinar, ok?

Here's the info on how to get on a Zoom call/webinar with us:

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Time: Tuesday evenings 9:00 PM ET

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