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Step FOUR!

 Step ONE, understanding your real, overriding reason (your WHY!) for being here in this life
 Step TWO, realizing that our thoughts create what we get
 Step THREE, FOCUS like your very life, your existence depends on it

Once you have gone through the three steps above (if you need a refresher, they are right on the left!), then it is time to ask yourself a very important question. (Some people will call me crazy for giving you this tip, as it would backfire on most people. But it IS something you need to ask yourself in all seriousness!)

"Is Network Marketing the right vehicle to take me where I need to go in order to become the person I want to be and progress along the path that leads me to my Purpose?"

This is really SERIOUS! Don't miss what I am saying here.

Are you really convinced that having a home-based business is the best way to get what you want, to create a network of like-minded people, to create an ongoing income to help with your economic needs, to build your self-confidence so that you Know that you are capable of doing whatever is necessary?

Surely you are aware by now that Network Marketing is more about self-development and gaining a new set of skills than it is about selling product. Right?
(If not, question your real motive for being here!)

Without training, you will never get good at any activity. Whether it is being a good athlete, a good cashier, a good accountant, a good ditch-digger, or a good church leader, you have to learn the ropes - you have to accept training, you have to study!

Are you doing that with your Network Marketing business? Are you reading books; are you increasing your 'people skills'; are you thinking positively; are you becoming a better person so you can BE a better Network Marketer?

Self-confidence, self-dependence, persistence, positive thinking, and the acquisition of better habits and skills are what is needed to become a good or great Network Marketer. Are you working on developing those characteristics in yourself?

I invite you to, first, decide if you really want to be a Network Marketer.

Secondly, if you do think Network Marketing is the profession you need to be in to help you fulfill your Purpose, are you ready to become a PROFESSIONAL Network Marketer?

Lastly, (are you still with me?), if I point you to a one-question survey that will help me help you, will you take the minute to answer it and click DONE?

Here's the link to the survey:

If you have read this far, and have taken the survey, EXCELLENT! If we do not receive a response from you, you will probably be left on the bench while we put players on the field who DO take this seriously!

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