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Dreams Without FOCUS - Are Deadly!


If you have completed Step ONE, understanding your real, overriding reason (your WHY!) for being here in this life, and Step 2, realizing that our thoughts create what we get, then move on to Step 3!

Although none of us want to find ourselves in the position Matt Damon's character found himself in, in the movie The Martian, his character, Mark Watney, exemplified what we need to discover for Step 3 - FOCUS!

When you know and understand your definite purpose (in Watney's case, to stay alive) and when you realize that every thought you have will determine your future (creativity is your best friend!), then all you need to do is FOCUS like your very life, your existence depends on it!

Not only do you have to keep your Vision front and center in your mind's awareness, but you have to align your thinking with that Vision, and then Focus all your thoughts on bringing that Vision to fruition.

Focus is critical - and hard! We are so easily distracted, aren't we? That's why we need to bring our Vision into the physical realm, writing it down, reading it aloud to ourselves every day, making a 'vision board', etc. You see, we have a dominant subconscious that is telling us to 'play safe', 'don't wander outside of our known world', 'do what you are comfortable with'. As you must realize, our subconscious drives us to do what we do.

But we have to teach our subconscious that it is okay to go where we want to go, even if it is outside the box, even if it takes us into the unknown. And the way we turn our subconscious around is to tell it a new story, over and over again. Our subconscious cannot distinguish between what is actually happening and what we are telling it!

Don't believe me? Think about the last time you saw a great movie. Think about how your subconscious mind suspended the 'disbelief' and you found yourself cheering for or crying over the main character in the movie. Sure, when you left the theater or the movie was over, our conscious mind said "That wasn't real, it was just a movie." But while we were watching the movie, everything seemed so real - we were 'in' the movie, we empathized with the characters, we shared their feelings, we experienced what they experienced!

It's the same when you read a good book or when your friend tells you a compelling story. What we have to do, then, is create a story that is all about our purpose, our Vision, our dreams - and then tell that story to ourselves over and over again. This is how we get our subconscious to 'internalize' the idea that our story can become our reality!

Once we have our subconscious on our side, when it can believe that the story, our Vision, can become real, the subconscious goes to work to bring that story to life! It is like an ant on an elephant's back convincing the elephant that it is a good idea to go north instead of south. Once the elephant believes, through constant repetition and encouragement by the ant, that north is a better way to go, that lumbering massive entity does everything in it's enormous power to go the way the ant wants to go. (If you haven't read The Ant and the Elephant yet, you really should!)

Focus, constant POSITIVE repetition, building new and better habits - that is what will take one to new heights of success, to your dreams, to that place you want to be. Without focusing your thoughts on your Vision, that Vision is just a dream. And we know that dreams without action (i.e., positive thoughts, focused on with intensity) are just wishes. Wishes don't come true without focus. Wishes, dreams, even Vision that is not focused on become soul-sucking, depressing reminders that we are not what we ought to be. And that is the deadly part, because we kill off our motivation, our energy, our creativity.

If Mark Watney had given up on his vision of staying alive until rescued, if he had decided not to focus on overcoming the dozens of setbacks, if he had chosen to not find creative solutions, we wouldn't have had a good movie to watch, to cheer for, to lose ourselves in. We MUST have that Vision that drives us, we MUST think Positively and often about our Vision, and we MUST Focus our thoughts and creativity on creating that better life we all deserve!

To do anything less is to deprive ourselves of our right to become a better person, our chance to make the world a better place, our opportunity to enhance other people's lives. We must NO LONGER be mediocre, average, or just getting along. WE ARE MEANT FOR BETTER THAN THAT!

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