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Thoughts Are Cause of Big Results!

Step TWO!

If you have not completed Step ONE, or need to get back to it, go click on "Step #1" on the left and study it until you have it down. You have to work on digging deep to understand your real, overriding reason (your WHY!) for being here in this life. You have a Purpose for being here - you need to figure out what it is!

Forget whatever others told you about what (or who) you should be, and whatever others expect you to be. Go back to the days of your youth, when EVERYTHING was possible, and remind yourself of that one thing you felt was your real calling, your absolute passion.

When you know and understand the definite purpose of your existence, you are ready for Step #2 - Controlling your thoughts. (This is even tougher than Step #1!)

We humans have one major distinction from other mammals - we can think! But for all the millennia that we have had this unique gift, we suck at it! As you probably have heard, humans have historically only been using about 5% of our brain capacity. The question this begs is "Why don't we use more of our potential?"

Maybe we are distracted by our environment, maybe we don't realize what we are capable of, maybe we are lazy, maybe we find it hard to use our 'thinking caps'! It is true - thinking is hard! Thinking creatively, thinking with a purpose is something we have to work on. Some of us - the artists, the writers, the inventors and others who use their creative juices - probably use more then 5% of the human potential and it is evident that they are involved in the creative process. So, maybe, this creative process is a clue!

Not only is creativity part of the answer, it leads to another phenomenon - the power of Focus. By focusing on what they want to create with their art, artists allow their concentration on an end result to lead them, in fact GUIDE them, to the actual creation of that end result.

This is HUGE information!

If we can apply the right amount of focus to our thoughts on what our lives will become, like the inventor does to bring something like a ball-peen hammer or a cellphone into existence, we CAN create the life - the end result - we truly desire!

More often than not, however, we simply lose our focus and get caught up in being 'average' - so that we fit in. We have a dream and then we let it slip away.

There is a best time to pursue a dream - when we first have the passion. But most of us let that time pass. What we don't realize, however, is that we ALWAYS have the ability to go after that dream, that passion, anytime we choose to! The dream and passion never leave us - we just cover it up with everything else in our lives. (These are called 'excuses'!)

It is now time to learn to control our thoughts, to get rid of negative thoughts, to let go of opinions, to understand that what we have been thinking in the past has caused the life we now have.

Thinking is the cause. What we have in life is the effect of our thinking.

In order to change the effect, we must change the cause!

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