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Knowing What You Want!

Step ONE!
There is no better place to start than at the beginning!
Before you do anything - go to work at your job, move to a new house, rake the lawn, or even take out the trash - you have made a decision as to the results you wanted. It's instinctive and you probably weren't aware of making that decision.
But if you think about it (and we highly recommend that you make it a habit to do so!), there is always a Purpose for everything you do. It may be to achieve something significant (earn money, live in a better neighborhood) or it may be something necessary (get the leaves off the lawn to allow the grass to grow better) or it may be something that makes life more bearable (taking out the trash). 
You may even be able to understand why you plop yourself down each evening to watch TV - to be entertained, to forget about the day's work, to avoid a conversation with your spouse(?). But there is a reason behind everything you do.
We want you to now think about why you joined Jerky Direct.
What  was the REAL reason you joined, paid the affiliate fee, and attend the webinars and calls or read our newsletter?
Do you just want jerky? That's fine. BUT you DID join as an affiliate - so WHY did you do that? Do you want to have a business or do you think the business will just happen for you? Do you have a goal  for your business? make money? be a part of a community? get better jerky at a discount?
We want you to think about this, to become aware of what you REALLY hope to accomplish by being a member/affiliate of Jerky Direct. We want you to Express this reason to yourself and to be able to express it to someone else.
It doesn't even matter WHAT that reason is - we just want you to KNOW what it is! That is the first step. Without that first step, you are just floundering, hoping, wishing, trying - and you won't ever achieve anything.
Accordingly, in order to not only get you to think about and express your reason(s) for being a part of Jerky Direct but to also give your Team leaders some idea of exactly how we can help you, Rob or Donna want you to tell us on the POWER Call this week or one of us will call you this week to find out what is driving you, what you want to accomplish, why are you here!
Your feet are to the fire - it might help if you get out a pencil and paper and jot down some things that are behind your motivation to pursue this business. Be ready to talk with us.
Once this Step ONE is done, we will move on to some specific training for you. It may be personal training or group training, but it will be training to help you get closer to achieving what you tell us you want to achieve.
Let's talk on Tuesday evening's POWER Call/Webinar, ok?
Here's the info on how to get on a Zoom call/webinar with us:
Topic: S6PT POWER Call/Webinar
Time: Tuesday evenings 9:00 PM ET

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
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