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Welcome to the Super6Power Team (S6PT) Skills Training section!

Without SKILLS, our Dreams, our Purpose, our Goals - our Vision(!) - just languish in 'wishland' and never have a chance to become reality.

In this section, we - or rather, Mark Januszewski - presents to you the two Most Important Skills you will need. These skills are specifically designed to overcome one of the biggest hurdles Network Marketers face - how to Contact people about your business!

CONTACT is important because it is the ONLY thing we really have control over! Below I show you (in brief) Mark's CAPS system for measuring how well you are doing to grow your business.

C = Contact(). This is the number of people you will contact per day/week.

A = Appointments(). This is how many actual appointments you set with those people you contacted to meet with you or view a presentation.

P = Presentations(). This is the number of people who actually show up for your meeting or presentation and who then make a decision.

S = Sales(). This is the number of those who sat through your presentation, made a decision, and that decision resulted in them joining you, either as a customer or (preferably) as an affiliate and placed a purchase.

As you can guess, not only do the numbers dwindle as you go down through this 'funnel' but if you look closely, you realize that YOU have virtually NO control over how many of those you contact will agree to an appointment, or how many of those who make an appointment will actually show up for the presentation, or how many of those who get the presentation actually make a decision to join you. Other than that first step (Contact), the control is totally (albeit with some influence from you as you get better!) up to the person you are talking to.

Only the Contact step is totally under your control. So...the best skills to acquire would be the skills to make effective Contacts, wouldn't you agree?

From everything he learned from his mentors (including the Master, Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter!), Mark has found that the TWO most important skills to make effective Contacts are the 'Most People' Skill and the 'Instant Rapport' Skill.

Click on the left for these two skills and learn to master them!

CONGRATULATIONS for reaching this step and enjoy getting these skills under your belt (or hat)!

Your S6PT Support,

Donna Soffen and Rob Dunn

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