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About S6PT

The Super6Power Team (S6PT) came into existence in late 2008. Two Jerky Direct members who had joined in late 2005, Peg Phillips and her frontline distributor Donna Soffen, called their team the JD Power Team. Two other distributors, Noel Baugh and Milton Hurley, also had a team they called the Super 6 Team. Together, the two teams decided to create one team system to help all their distributors. They decided to call the new system Super6Power and their new combined team Super6Power Team.

As Peg was building a team website during the 2008-2009 holidays, they became aware of another sideline distributor, Rob Dunn, who had built a small team and did a lot of work building webpages for his team. They introduced Rob to their concept and, as distributors could have multiple stores at that time, Rob decided to open a store under Donna.

By March 2009, Peg had the team website ready and Super6Power was launched. With lead capture pages, an online web tour, affiliate landing pages, and affiliate emails (that redirected to members' personal emails), the system worked well and Super6Power Team grew from under 100 members to over 500 at its peak.

When the original Jerky Direct announced they were closing their doors in May 2016, the Super6Power Team still had over 300 members in all levels of the downline. Although a large number of those quit over the next 60 days upon hearing the news, the rest were of course automatically forced out when the doors officially closed on 30 June 2016.

The Super6Power system was shutdown while we waited for the Relaunched Jerky Direct to gestate. When it finally arrived in September 2016, Rob and Donna started bringing back in their former members and the Team began from scratch to rebuild. Since the company had to start over with all new rules, training, and jerky, the first year was quite a struggle for the new company.

While there was no longer a need for all the webpages (landing, lead capture, web tour, etc.), Rob and Donna kept up with weekly newsletters and team calls to focus mostly on training. Further efforts to support Super6Power Team are entirely dependent on the changes the company announced in September 2017, regarding better jerky, new training, and revisions to the website.

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