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This is the Super6Power Team (S6PT) training site.

We want you to be Totally Trained as you start your home-based business with us. If you follow the procedure laid out below, we think you will have a good handle on your ability to succeed in this endeavor!

On the left, you see a number of steps we have laid out. We recommend you take the steps one at a time, reading the page, doing any of the suggestions we give you, and then thinking about what the page is about. Then read it again. Think about it some more.

Then go to the next step. There is no time deadline to go through all the steps; go at your own pace. Absorb the information in each step because each step builds on the previous ones. (Don't skip!)

And be sure to bookmark this page as we will continue adding more and more training as we go along.

If you have anything to add or think we have missed anything important, please let us know. We are a Team and we need to act like one!

CONGRATULATIONS for joining S6PT! We (Donna and Rob) are here to help you. If you have been with us before, you know that We Will Not Do It FOR You but We Will Do It WITH You!

Your S6PT Support,

Donna Soffen and Rob Dunn

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